Kopitiam Luwak coffee is 100% pure Luwak coffee. Our beans are grown in West Java highland, handpicked and roasted by the experts. We promise a bold, satisfying cup that is rich and clean in flavour yet balanced.


Planted in fertile volcanic soil, Aceh Gayo is deemed ad one of best coffee beans in Indonesia. Sourced from Gayo, Aceh, we well agree this single origin arabica has high intensity with almond and chocolate finish. The coffee flavor lingers on the tongue with distinct and unique aroma.


These medium bodied arabica beans are excellent choice for picky coffee drinkers with bright acidity, it has clean and smooth aftertaste. Processed through fully washed technique, it is so refreshing with fruity and chocolate aroma and sure to please their fans.


With the dark chocolate roasting and nutty, these medium-bodied coffee beans have lingering caramel finish. Our coffee is handpicked by the perfectionist roasters to transform the coffee berry into medium dark roast. Revealing the bold flavors from Aceh and Java. They are the most treasured island to grow the best quality coffee.


Sourced from Indonesia's most renowed regions in Sumatra for it's coffee production, this medium roast coffee has a strong body. The beans deliver balanced cup of coffee with caramel & chocolate finish.They will make rich cappucino to enjoy everyday.

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